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about bikes; mostly about not getting killed whilst doing so.


New Personal Record: 17:37 Old PR: 17:45 That's with no angry ex-con pool boys. I made two fast lights, missed two, and got caught behind the bus into the entrance gate. Also cranked up the hill at 20 MPH for long sections. Now I think 17:15 might be possible if everything went right. I was […]

Seven seconds

17:52. ¬†Seven seconds off the PR. ¬†Could have made it if not for the pool boy first trying to kill me, then trying to stop me to get in a fight after I flipped him off (wait, you’re in so much of a hurry that you’re willing to kill me to save the seven seconds […]


You think this guy's even going to notice when he sweeps me with his sprinkler pipe sticking out three feet on the right? Be awesome if we had a three foot rule, so thanks, Jerry and Arnold for vetoing that.  

Bike lanes

This is not a bike lane. This is an invitation to get hit either by a car or by a door: This is not a bike lane. This is a stripe painted on the pavement in which cars park, which makes city planners feel better about themselves, but makes both cyclists and motorists angry, because […]

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I remember when…

Kids rode bikes, and old people drove everywhere. Now only old people ride bikes, and kids get driven everywhere. Walk? Nobody walks in LA.


What Atrios said.


And cops. Today a motorcycle cop almost hit me when he swung out and made a (what would be for any of the rest of us) illegal U-turn in order to give someone a ticket for DWB. Guess it was important to give that ticket Right Now, and not wait three seconds for me to […]


Everyone on the road is trying to kill me. Everyone. Trucks, vans, cars, motorcycles, pedestrians, cats, dogs, squirrels, rabbits, and cyclists.

Good news, everyone!

I just noticed that the red-light camera downtown is gone, and the LAT confirms it. Mostly I suspect because it wasn’t making the city money, but when things get better for any reason, it’s reason to be happy. Meantime, the USFS put in a Z-gate at the top of the access road on the way […]

Finely tuned

You ride the bike, or drive the fun car, for weeks and months, and it all seems to be fine, everything sounds good, feels good. Then you take it in to get something fixed, broken spoke, or oil change, and get it tuned up, cause why not? It’s been a while. And when you get […]


I got yelled at this morning for not getting out of the way on my bike. Never mind that it was a one-lane construction zone with workers everywhere, speed limit 15 MPH signs, and that I was right on the tail of the car in front of me, when we got to the red light, […]

First one of the year

Today I swallowed the first bug of the year.

It’s not a bike lane…

if there are cars parked in it, ever. if a car door opening can take me out. if it’s got potholes or speedbumps or manhole covers or broken glass or worse asphalt than the street. If any of those are true, it’s just a sucker lane, and I’m not going to be in it.