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Stuff I liked


Must read interview with Snowden by Bamford. Addendum: Another reason why NPR will never get a dime from me. Dina Temple-Raston continues her Judith Miller-esque swallowing of the Deep State line. DTR presents talking points about Snowden from a completely CIA- and NSA-funded front company as though they were independent viewpoints, with no acknowledgement, or […]


The NYT has a new editor, after their botched and sexist firing of the first woman editor of the NYT. Of course, a previous editor spiked one of the first NSA stories in 2004. The new editor has a history of spiking stories about the NSA too, in 2007. “[W]e could not figure out what […]


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Who’s overseeing who? And now the spies are writing the legislation that affects them. Let’s see – the spies are spying on the legislative body that oversees them, and writing the legislation for that legislative body. If it wasn’t clear to you before, They have the goods on Congress. Now They’re not even trying to […]


There is basically nothing you can do if you’re not little people that will get you fired.

X of the year 2013

Climbing: El Chontacoatlan, Taxco del Alarcon, Guerrero, Mexico, Thanksgiving. I sent Mantis, the first pitch of Mala Fama, and Procopio, all third try. Great climbing, fun partners, one of the best trips ever. This is my favorite kind of climbing. Close second: Maple, May and September. Sent ZT and 49, several one-fall burns on Dry […]

Life imitates jokes

There is an old, old joke: A group of cavemen (it’s old, I said) are sitting around a fire. They’ve known each other so long, and so well, that they’ve simply assigned numbers to all the jokes. So they’ll sit around the fire, and one will say “23”, and the others laugh uproariously. “53”, says […]



That if you give Stellan Skarsgård a metal Halliburton case, bad things are going to happen.

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How the American higher education system was destroyed

In five easy steps. I’d say this is utter paranoia, that the Cabal that runs our country is not that cohesive and controlling, that it just happened by accident, but they have done it to the healthcare system, the secondary school system, the public unions, the networks, and the great research labs. And I read […]


Nailed it again

If you didn’t read anything else, the first two paragraphs should put to rest any inkling you might ever have that nations are like families, and budgets must be balanced. Krgthulu: [T]he economy is not like an individual family. Families earn what they can, and spend as much as they think prudent; spending and earning […]


BASE jumping off the fiscal cliff

This is fun. I picked all the liberal/socialist/commie options (gas tax, cap and trade, single payer, stimulus, let tax cuts expire, etc), and I get 4% growth, and a $62 B surplus by 2021. So what is it that we’re arguing about? In other news, I want to play NLHE with the prez. I’m not […]

Scott Adams has spies everywhere

Dilbert is once again setting up shop in my workplace: This is my day every day this week. Sigh. I used to be a scientist. Also this. And this.

Everything you need to know about the War on Some Drugs and Some People

(h/t The Agitator. Source.) I suspect there is a similar graph to be made of the War on Some Terror But Not That Terror Caused By Random Drone Strikes From Above. Or Cyberwar, But Not The Cyberwar Perpetrated Without Declaration By Us. More good news: Long Beach, along with the DEA, shuts down legal medical […]

Rise up

Once again, the Onion makes me both laugh and wonder why I'm laughing. The biz starts at 1:35.  

The real reason not to vote for Romney

He’s a lousy businessman. Any investor who listened to Vanguard’s John Bogle would have done about the same during 1984-1998 – just buy the S&P500 index, and hold it, reinvesting the dividends. The net returns would be ~20% per year — without giant fees or excessive risks necessary. So despite all the middle-class-disrupting, race-to-the-bottom, Swiss-bank-account, […]


Los Angeles doesn’t care

So I don't have to search for this link again. Los Angeles doesn't care: Every mode of living is appropriate for L.A. You can do what you want. And I don’t just mean that Los Angeles is some friendly bastion of cultural diversity and so we should celebrate it on that level and be done […]