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Gravity: review

Aside from the minor orbital mechanics impossibilities and the Spielbergian dead kid tear-jerking, why did she keep taking off her helmet? If you were entering a spacecraft you had never been inside in the middle of a debris storm that had caused every one else to abandon ship, would you take your helmet off? I […]


Deus ex machina. I like when a movie sets up a set of rules that it's going to play by, and this is especially important in time travel movies. It doesn't have to be logically consistent, but if it's not, you have keep things moving so that there's no time to dwell on it during […]

The Art of Fielding

Review: Infinite Jest lite, without the sort of near-future dystopian SF aspect. But a good fast read. Get it here. No, I’m not an affiliate.

X of the year 2011, update

In the previous year end summary, I forgot this. And the other Bigfoot memoirs. Laugh out loud funny. Seriously. I sat on the porch and guffawed through the whole thing. Woulda been funny even without the G&Ts.

Take time

Take Shelter: 30 minutes too long. I kept wanting to hit fast forward. I liked the idea, I liked the performances, the story was fine, I suspended disbelief. But it was too damn slow! I am not speaking as a child of the internet and MTV, even though I am. Look, if Hitchcock could do […]