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SuperShuttle sucks

SuperShuttle. Never again. Three hours to the airport, an hour of which was within one mile of my house, sitting on a metal support sticking out of the seat. Three hours getting home, driving around the airport, Bell, South Gate, and Monterey Park. Neither time because of traffic. Just idiotic choices by the driver. Both […]

RRG 2011


Boulder is…

Boulder is San Francisco for white people.

Obligatory airline rant

I miss the days when you could check a large 70 pound bag. Even a bit more if you smiled and flirted with the ticket person.  Maybe even two! AA, and presumably every one else, now has a policy of one 50 lb bag for $25.  Second bag costs you one newborn child.  I really […]

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Milo’s twin spotted in Germany

My neighbor Frank spotted Milo’s twin in Germany: Except Milo still has a dark muzzle and is way more of a goof. Alex has a twin right here in Pasadena:

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France/Italy 2011 portfolio

France/Italy 2011 portfolio As with all my photos, signed and numbered prints are available. I can make prints myself up to 17×22, and would prefer to, as that way I can oversee the whole process from start to finish to ensure quality. Bigger than that, and I have to send out. I can also do […]

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