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Free money

[T]here was a way to hand it free money which would benefit all of us and the banksters. I’m partial to the “just drop money from helicopters” way of giving out free money, but there were other ways. The “here’s a $20,000 voucher to pay off your mortgage and/or credit card” would have been a way. The point is, the banks would have gotten their money anyway and the rest of us would have benefited too.

I know I’m repeating myself on this issue. It’s because people’s brains freeze up a bit when you talk about the central bank creating money and handing it out. But that’s what they’re doing! They’re just not doing it in a way which benefits people broadly, they’re doing it in a way which benefits rich assholes.

This has been another edition of “What Atrios said, 28 December 2011.”