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Apple iTunes album rating fail

Apple implemented a new feature which derives an “album rating” from the ratings that you give individual songs. However, they did this in the most brain dead way possible – if you rate any song with any stars, the whole album gets that rating. Then any playlist based on ratings will have the whole album […]

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Stupid iTunes Message

Yep, that’s right. 1.10 GB available, 8 MB required. 1.1 GB is more than 100 times as much as 8 MB. The status bar tells me that there is 4.4 GB free. Sigh…

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Confirmation bias

So Apple maps does this when it’s released, first iteration: and it’s OMG, Apple Maps fail! But Google Maps does this six months later: and it’s art. All I know is that the week before Apple Maps came out, Google Maps sent me to the wrong location twice in one week, and not for the […]

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