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Concerts this year

I got Covid, and it was nice this summer, so I was able to go see some shows in that short period of immunity without fear of long-term illness or sweating my ass off. The National – First Two Pages of Frankenstein, The Greek. All the hits plus some tracks off their banger upcoming Laugh […]

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PotD 20230116

Enshittification comes to climbing

For some reason I’m getting spam emails from some new vulture-capital-funded bullshit company that I have no business relationship with, and who should therefore not be spamming me with their bullshit. Their spiel is that they’ve helped themselves to the Mountain Project database, generated by work contributed gratis from users, for other users, and are […]

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And not a moment too soon…

Perhaps in 5-6 years after they’ve all wrapped themselves around a light post (with hopefully no other fatalities), the streets will be a bit quieter as these jerks aren’t street racing at 5 AM to get to their minimum wage job at the 7-11 in order to keep making the payments on their 84 month […]

Speaking of fresh

Here are the bandages Kaiser Permanente is using on patients today:

Amazon air-quote Fresh

Amazon “Fresh” is just a way for Whole Foods to get rid of things that have either already expired, or will expire tomorrow.

My next brilliant idea: adjustable length stem

I am an old man in lycra [1]. Back and shoulders do not allow me to stay aero for long periods, so I either have the bike set up for climbs or for aero. Since my rides usually have both, I’m always either wishing the bars were a bit closer or a bit farther away. […]

Airplane movie reviews September 2023

Wherein I review movies that I’ll watch on an international flight that I would be unlikely watch at home [1]:     Renfield: The perfect role for Nic Cage’s hammy overacting. Maybe this is all of his recent ones. Dunno, generally have a very low tolerance for NC, but a friend recommended. It was okay. […]

The usual blather from the usual idiots

Not going to link to my favorite clueless-hate-read/podcast-listen, but here’s the typical demonstration of the path to right-wing nut-jobbery no-empathy-until-it-happens-to-me-or-mine:   “Some of the saddest shit I’ve ever seen are injured climbers who try to keep climbing through their injury. Top-roping warm-ups with only three working appendages has always struck me as a pathetic use […]

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