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Apple iTunes album rating fail

Apple implemented a new feature which derives an “album rating” from the ratings that you give individual songs. However, they did this in the most brain dead way possible – if you rate any song with any stars, the whole album gets that rating. Then any playlist based on ratings will have the whole album on it. Because no one in the history of recorded music has ever liked just one song on an album. And one-hit wonders are such not a thing that there’s not even a name for them like “one-hit wonder.”

It really goes south when you do something like download the completely free and legal torrent of collections of demo songs from bands playing at SXSW. Which are released every year. It’s a good way to find new music. I have literally gigabytes of music from the SXSW torrents. However, now, if I like even one of those songs, all the songs from that year, all 1300 hundred of them, now show up in the Rated playlist, because Apple’s stupid Album Rating algorithm treats a stupidly derived automatic rating the same as a rating that you actually gave to the song because you liked it enough to click on it.

Just try to fix it, also. Can’t be done. If you try to erase the Album Rating, or change it to “none”, the algorithm immediately changes it right back, with lots of spinning beach ball of death, because it’s trying to do it on 1300 songs at once.

Fucking idiots. Thanks for fucking up my carefully curated playlists. It’s like no one at Apple has ever used a playlist based on ratings. Oh wait, I’m pretty sure they invented them. Maybe they’re all using Zunes.

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PotD 8 August 2016

garage door

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toward the light

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yellow church

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sam and max

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More bad IT policies from the place where I work

Once again, changing passwords frequently is a bad idea.

Another lousy IT policy enshrined in policy. They might tell you that we do science, but there’s just as much belief in magic spirits there as anywhere else.

PotD 4 August 2016

sand train

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bbq shoes


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blue dog


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oval chair


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wavy sand

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fierce horses

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Climbing skin product review 2016

  • Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Hand: Insanely expensive, but really good, and really odor free. On the other hand, an 8 oz tube will last years. Be careful to get the right thing, there are lots of knockoffs and different versions and small tubes sold for full price. This is nice if you don’t want to smell like a French brothel. This might be the best day-to-day take-to-work hand lotion. A+
  • ClimbOn: Has an odor, but it’s not bad, and it is good at calming skin after a hot day of popping off the big holds, and keeping the rough edges down. Immediate relief. A.
  • ClimbSkin: The jury is out. It has an odor, not a bad one, but generally I’d prefer not to smell like things, and a weird clay texture. Expensive for a small tin (see Joshua Tree) which doesn’t last that long. Does it work? Still testing. I(ncomplete)
  • Vaseline: Tried and true, and cheap. Also useful for other things, so I’ve been told. Which none of these other ones are. No kidding, it does work, but there are more climbing specific things that work better, albeit at N times the price. A solid fallback. B+
  • Joshua Tree: It’s okay, nothing special. A bit expensive for a small breakable jar, probably not the kinda thing you want to keep in your climbing kit. Also, a smell. Again, not a bad smell. Gentleman’s C
  • Bag Balm: It works on cows? C
  • Blue Emu: Skateboarders swear by it. I couldn’t tell any difference. B-
  • Rhino: A whole line of products, including a supposedly kinder Antihydral substitute, which you can use on your whole hand. Which is good, because unlike AH, you can’t keep this out of the pad joints. It has an odor. There’s teatree oil in the lotion, which is interesting if you put it on your hands then touch your eyes. A better AH is always welcome. The whole kit is a lotion, an anti-perspirant, and the drying creme. Testing in progress. I
  • Hoofmaker Mane and Tail: The Great Sartini swears by this for toughening up your skin. It doesn’t moisturize at all – I have to use one of the other products after I use this. Maybe it works? It’s cheap. AH is better if you want to be sure. B
  • Antihydral: The Bugatti Veyron of toughening your hands. It probably alters your DNA. It is definitely not FDA-approved. It’s from Germany. It’s made for professional foosball players. It’s ridiculous, and you’ll regret it. But it works. Keep it out of the joints or you’ll be sorry. Another antihydral victim, as one of my friends put it. A+ does what it says on the tin.
  • Mammut liquid chalk: First time I used it I sent my proj. Probably psychological, but I’ll take that. A
  • Friction Labs has a liquid chalk/anti-perspirant, which they apparently don’t sell anymore. Hmmm. It leaked all over my bag first time I carried it out, so there’s that. I
  • Neutrogena: Not quite as old school as Vaseline. It’s ok, it might have a smell, I’m never certain. I don’t think it’s any better than V, and it costs a lot more. B-
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PotD 29 July 2016

blue wall

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