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Not quite a PR, but close. Slowed by a Saturn, a guard, and a couple of missed lights. The old bike is faster than the new bike!

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Thinking about it, if it’s not the weight, it could be: Psychosomatic – I am totally susceptible to superstition, placebo, imposter, dunning-krueger, and the oxford comma. Aerodynamic – For all that it weighs the same, the new bike is burly. The frame is almost twice as wide. Wheels are 35 instead of 23. Discs instead […]

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I got a new bike. Not really because I wanted to, but because it’s basically impossible to get replacement parts for the groupset on the old bike, and replacing the groupset would require new wheels, and… for want of a nail, etc. At some point maybe it’s just better to put that money into a […]

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It’s not a bike lane…

if there are cars parked in it, ever. if a car door opening can take me out. if it’s got potholes or speedbumps or manhole covers or broken glass or worse asphalt than the street. If any of those are true, it’s just a sucker lane, and I’m not going to be in it.  

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Shouldn’t be surprised

At this point, having biked an average of 2.5k miles per year for the last eight or nine years on city streets, I shouldn’t be surprised that a large fraction of drivers are willing to put my life, limb, health, and their treasure [1] in jeopardy just to get to a red light five seconds […]

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