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Seven years

I bought two pairs of these bike gloves on Steap and Cheap in September 2007, $28, after my former Olympian bike racer friend convinced me it wasn’t sissy to ride with gloves:

castelli bike gloves

“It’s not for padding,” she said. “It’s for the inevitable road rash. You want to be able to use your hands to change the bandages on the rest of you.” [1]

I ride my bike 10 miles per day, 9 days every two weeks, every day that it doesn’t rain or that I’m not sick or on vacation, so about 2000 miles per year. That’s 14000 miles on those gloves.

I would have changed them out about a year ago, but I stoner-stashed them in a box in the garage and only just found them yesterday! I was also too damn cheap to buy a new pair when I knew that I had a pair in the garage.

[1] Crashes are also the reason to shave your legs, but it took me a while longer to get around to that. I’m not racing anyone, so wind tunnel results don’t matter much to me.