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Obligatory airline rant

I miss the days when you could check a large 70 pound bag. Even a bit more if you smiled and flirted with the ticket person.  Maybe even two!

AA, and presumably every one else, now has a policy of one 50 lb bag for $25.  Second bag costs you one newborn child.  I really don’t know how anyone would go on a long climbing trip anymore.  I guess I’ll find out in a couple of weeks.  I’m considering trying to figure out how to ship some of my gear because climbing gear and clothes for a couple of weeks is going to be way more than 50 lbs.

Anyway, since yesterday was my day to get called on technicalities (parking ticket at work, balls busted at gas station for asking them to turn on the air pump), I came home and took the extra 1.4 lbs out of my climbing bag, and started a new carry-on. Previously, it was gonna be one checked bag of climbing gear and one laptop bag. I hate carrying stuff in airports. But since I was over, and I didn’t want to pay $75 for those 1.4 lbs, I threw a bunch of stuff in the Pata MLC and resigned myself to humping a load through LAX and Stapleton.

Now, AA, do you think that with your unfriendly policies and crazy charges, that you ended up carrying

  1. more, or
  2. less

mass on that flight?

Also, why does Burbank and every other place in the world have free wifi, but LAX charges out the wazoo? We all have smartphones now. It’s not as though I have to pay to see what the new iPhone looked like. Just be nice to see it on my laptop instead of my phone, but not $25/day kinda nice. And what’s up with a day pass at an airport anyway? Yeah, after I fly to Stapleton, I’m gonna come back and hang out in the airport and use up that wifi that I paid for a day of.