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lawd amighty, I feel my temperature risin’

Unable to eject

After 20 years of OS X aka MacOS, I still can’t eject an external disk when I want to. Nope, “unable to eject because the disk is still in use”. What if I needed to catch a plane? Leave the house? Go somewhere? Nope, that isn’t up to you, if you made the mistake of […]

Vulture cap

Reagan said that the scariest words in the English language were “I’m here from the government, and I’m here to help”, but I have to figure that “Your employer just got bought by Bain Capital” are scarier, and a lot more immediate.

Shitcoin for nothing

imagine if keeping your car idling 24/7 produced solved Sudokus you could trade for heroin — white smoke gamer pope (@Theophite) August 16, 2018 I think of this succinct explanation of shitcoin every time I go to the vet, and all the late model Jeeps, Raptors, and MB SUVs are just sitting there idling with […]

Stupid, and stupider

Every time I listen to Radiolab, or The Hidden Brain, it actively makes me stupider. Not just with what’s got to be the hosts willful pretend [1] stupidity in order to get the presenter to explain it to them, but the whooshing sound as the point is missed over and over again.     [1] […]

Suspension of suspension of belief

Is it too old-man-yelling-at-clouds to point out that just obvious stupid errors completely pull me out of the movie you are trying to get me to watch? Maybe Netflix doesn’t care, because it happens 15 minutes in, so it’s already counted as a view for their made-up numbers. To wit:   “Outside the Wire”: “How […]

Lisan al-Gaib

They think he is their Lisan al-Gaib, the mahdi, the one who will lead them to paradise. He wasn’t bred to be the Republican Bene Gesserit [1] Kwisatz Haderach; he arrived generations too early, before they were ready, and is not in their control. He lacks discipline [2], and he will bring the jihad. Reagan […]


If you are the security admin, and the security software company that you’ve chosen tells you that the admin password is “companyname123”, and you continued anyway, maybe it’s not totally their fault that you got pwned.   Well, yeah, it’s totally their fault. But totally yours too. You saw this coming.

Movie theatres are taxis

Movie theatres are taxis.     Anyone with a lick of sense understands why the concept of taxis and taxi medallions came about. Let me explain it to you, in case you haven’t been to a major airport since Uber and seen in action, or had to hike out to the Uber/Lyft/taxi lot instead of […]

The roads must roll

In a past life, I worked on one of the first AI/ML/NN [1] processors for postal machines (also built one of the first CCD cameras for them, and one of the first NN ASICS [2]). The most impressive part wasn’t the handwriting recognition (which wasn’t at that time any better than the hand-built emperically determined […]

Everything Jared Diamond told me was wrong.

I’ve been listening to a bunch of, well, I’m not sure what you’d call them. History, archeology, anthropology? Podcasts. That’s what I’ve been listening to [1]. Anything that’s not about today. And what I’ve learnt, from people who seem to be knowledgeable experts in their fields, is that all that time I spend reading Jared […]

Exchange and the things people will believe

Why does Exchange show me the whole of the last month during the last week of the month, instead of this week, and the next month? Does anyone care what happened in the past month, versus what’s going to happen next month? I want to know what’s coming up. In a related note, I had […]


Obama went to her when she was 77, and made the proposition that she should retire, and let him appoint someone younger in her place, because who knows what the future holds, and 77 years old and 20 years on the court is long enough. She replied “Who would you rather have on the court […]


I counted the other day. In 11 months, my personal phone had the following : 67 spam, mostly car warranty (my cars are 18 and 36 years old) home warranty (107 years) roof repair (10 years into a 30-year warranty) 10 real – mostly from the vet or doctor That’s why I never never never […]

This is why I don’t buy 5.10 anymore

This is every pair of 5.10 approach shoes I’ve ever owned (except the size 12 Daescents which turned out to be really size 11, and haven’t gotten worn much). The big wall boots (two pairs), the guide shoes (several pairs), half a dozen different pair. All delaminate unexpectedly at some point when you are five […]

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