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Happy Bill of Rights day!

220 years. How are we doing?

  1. Let’s go check Zuccotti Park, or LA City Hall.   No protesters?  So much for assembly and speech. There’s still religion, unless you’re a Muslim, or an atheist (freedom from religion).
  2. Restricted, though a bit less so than it used to be, except here in lovely CA.
  3. [*]
  4. Just try to argue that a warrant is needed to search your mobile or your car, much less your email, tweets, FB, phone records, credit card bills.  I guess they still can’t look at which videos you rent.  Or check the length of your buggy whip. I’m guessing that they know what you’re streaming over Netflix.
  5. All gone. Ask the guys in Gitmo.  Or Jose Padilla.  Or Bradley Manning.  Or Susette Kelo.
  6. Bradley Manning again.
  7. $20, are you kidding me?  Try to get a jury trial for your parking ticket and watch the judge laugh.
  8. We still execute innocent people, don’t we?. And solitary confinement is only torture if other people do it. Like waterboarding, stress positions, sleep deprivation, pepper spray, rubber bullets, indefinite detention without charges. Etc.
  9. See Scalia’s proclamation that the Constitution gives us no right to informational privacy.
  10. Yeah, right.

[*] The third amendment is still in good shape.  We quarter our soldiers in Asia now.