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Film Preservation Society

So now on DVDs, after the unskippable trailers and FBI warnings and ads, I get a spiel from Clint Eastwood and Martin Scorsese, who both shill for just about anything, about how I should donate to help the poor broke Hollywood studios restore all the film that they’ve been treating like crap for the last century, so that the poor Hollywood studios can sell them to me, yet again, on a different format, Blu-ray this time. After they gigged me for the theatre, popcorn, VHS, Netflix, and DVD. I’m supposed to donate on the advice of Clint and Martin so the studios can restore the films that they neglected for the sake of putting out more crap like Fast 5 or rebooting Spiderman or Superman or Metaman yet again, and suing people for downloading films that they won’t make available in any reasonably priced format, in a reasonable time.

Yeah, I don’t think so. Let them eat nitrate.