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No one cares if you’re two years late and 2x overbudget if you succeed.

Congratulations, Curiosity team.

Science. It works, bitches!

XKCD science

“The error bars are smaller than the line.”

Two things:

  • Someone was getting text messages during the whole descent, and it must have been someone high up because no one asked them to mute their phone.
  • Bolden and Holdren had to piss all over their territory saying first off, right out of the gate, that this was prep for human landings on Mars. ¬†Why can’t we just do good science without turning it into a manned spaceflight boondoggle?

Also, random internet commenters: It’s California, dudes. Not JSC in Houston. Hairstyles and attitudes. If they weren’t on TV, it would be shorts and flip-flops.