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CotD 20210517

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Vulture cap

Reagan said that the scariest words in the English language were “I’m here from the government, and I’m here to help”, but I have to figure that “Your employer just got bought by Bain Capital” are scarier, and a lot more immediate.

Suspension of suspension of belief

Is it too old-man-yelling-at-clouds to point out that just obvious stupid errors completely pull me out of the movie you are trying to get me to watch? Maybe Netflix doesn’t care, because it happens 15 minutes in, so it’s already counted as a view for their made-up numbers. To wit:   “Outside the Wire”: “How […]

Year old NYers

I started the madness about a year behind on my NYer subscription, stacked up on my nightstand. Home for every shit, I’m catching up now.   It’s a relief, in some sense, to be that far behind, pre-whatever-this-is.  I don’t have to read a 20,000 word piece on Pete Buttagieg (whatever).  Saved myself that brainspace. […]


If everyone who told me that their dad had that car BITD really did, they would have sold a lot more than the 19,987 they really did from 1984-88.

Things that are better than they were part IV in a series

On the list of things that are cool, and/or better than they used to be: Bike radar – there are those who dismiss it, and those that have tried it. Game changer. An affordable head’s up bike display (HUD) – goes with the previous. Not having to look down to see the radar or stats […]


I made sure that the American flag I bought to go next to the Black Lives Matter flag was made in China. Because I’d rather give money to (maybe) Chinese communists [1], than for-real no-kidding American nazis [2].     [1] But probably just better capitalists than us [2] A perhaps not-surprisingly large number of […]


Two Garmin GPS devices, one ride. I guess the heart rate is probably about the same? Elevations are way off, consistently.

New things

I think I’ve seen it all then I remember that I didn’t discover The Mountain Goats until a couple years ago.

You don’t want to see these guys without their masks on

All these moments are lost

Chevy is the BMW of the US

When did Chevy drivers become such assholes? I’ve often stated that when you see a BMW, you’re about to see a dick move, but holy cow, BWMs just cut you off without signaling. Chevy Cruze drivers are actively hostile. Maybe it’s just because they’re driving such POS’s. Also Malibus.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that whatever else Trader Joe’s is good at, their salad dressings (and srichacha) are crap. The pico de gallo is ok though. The hot is not hot, so I can’t imagine what the mild tastes like – sugar? Not as good as Von’s store brand, but ok. It goes […]


The true name of bears and wolves

I have no idea if this is true or not [1], but we don’t have the real name for bears and wolves. Like actors can only talk about the Scottish play, and some religions can’t say the names of their gods, our linguistic forebears didn’t say the actual true name of the animal, but described […]

Un triste jour

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