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Finely tuned

You ride the bike, or drive the fun car, for weeks and months, and it all seems to be fine, everything sounds good, feels good. Then you take it in to get something fixed, broken spoke, or oil change, and get it tuned up, cause why not? It’s been a while. And when you get it back, holy cow, when you get it back, it’s a different machine. Same, but everything sounds better. Or on the bike, not at all.

It’s the same noises, and the same feeling, but better. Less. And more.

It doesn’t work like that for the Honda, or the Toyota, but it does for the fun car, and the fun bike. Maybe the Honda and Toyota are just better machines in the first place. Maybe old cars and new bikes are more susceptible to adjustment.

You notice it because it gets worse slowly, and gets better in one step. It’s probably a metaphor for something.

They’ll slowly degrade, and I’ll not notice as I slowly degrade (and notice), and I’ll have this revelation again in about a year.