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Good news, everyone!

I just noticed that the red-light camera downtown is gone, and the LAT confirms it.

Mostly I suspect because it wasn’t making the city money, but when things get better for any reason, it’s reason to be happy.

Meantime, the USFS put in a Z-gate at the top of the access road on the way to work, a very bicycle unfriendly act. But for now, the easy-to-bike through gate is still unblocked, so we’ll see what happens.

And LA is putting in “bike lanes” on my normal bike commute, which I suspect means that they’ll stripe the area next to the curb where cars park and call it a bike lane. Which just makes it more dangerous for bikes, not less, as if you really biked there, you would be swerving in and out amongst parked cars, a recipe for death. And stupid drivers will yell at you for not being in the bike lane and be angry because you’re not swerving in and out of traffic. But we’ll see. Maybe’ll they’ll put in a real bike lane.