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Good day to not be driving

If you own a blue Tacoma, or a black Honda Ridgeline, best to take the bus today. Because even if you’re a 71 year old Hispanic woman delivering papers, LAPD might put 46 rounds through your truck. Because the 270 lb African American guy is also a Master of Disguise.

Oh, wait, that’s not even the right color. Or make. Or model.

Dark pickup trucks of any manufacturer apparently make you fair game.

I’ve got a nickel that says that police procedures were followed, and no one will be reprimanded, or demoted. Certainly not arrest or jailed. Punishment will consist of paid leave (what everyone else in the world calls “paid vacation”).

Initially, the police reported to the news that everyone was in stable condition. Now it turns out she’s in ICU.

Ten will get you twenty that he had a legitimate beef. But no way to pay out because we’ll never know now. Not that that excuses his behavior, but on the other hand, he at least had a reason for going on a rampage. The cops that shot this woman who got up at 3 am to deliver papers had no reason at all. He’ll pay for it with his life (he’ll never be taken alive – see the North Hollywood Bank shootout – they’ll let him bleed out on the street rather than have him face trial), and the cops that shot this woman will be promoted.