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So we've gone back to Daylight Savings Time, and I paid the price with a couple days of legally induced jet lag. But now we get more light at the end of the day, for those of us whose lives are run by Exchange.

Why do we even change the clocks? Is it to satisfy the farmers? Less than four percent of the population, and shrinking. And thanks to FDR and REA, even cows have electricity now [1]. So they don't care when the sun comes up.

Think of the children! Well, I live next to a school, and I can count on one hand the number of kids who walk to school without a parent in tow. Bicycling? Zero. So the kids don't need it.

So let's just stay on this cycle, and not change back, and just forget about PST and PDT, and call it – Time.


[1] Why isn't internet as essential these days as electricity was in the 30s? I'll believe that the current administration is remotely progressive when universal internet gets a strong push.