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Bike lanes

This is not a bike lane. This is an invitation to get hit either by a car or by a door:

This is not a bike lane. This is a stripe painted on the pavement in which cars park, which makes city planners feel better about themselves, but makes both cyclists and motorists angry, because motorists expect the cyclists to be on the other side of the stripe, and cyclists know that it is inevitable death to dodge in and out amongst parked cars. Either by car or by door:

Fuck you, City of Pasadena. This is worse than no bike lane at all. You can put up all the “bike lane” signs and billboards you want. It doesn't make it a bike lane.

This is a bike lane:

Notice how the lane is well clear of both moving cars and doors. This is how it's done! Aside from actual bike trails not on city streets, but I don't see that happening in the US any time soon.

My commute to work is now about 40% safer. Thank you, City of Los Angeles!

Now if Pasadena would repave Raymond, which has a real bike lane, but is so potholed that it's unrideable, or put a real bike lane in on Los Robles, I could make it almost all the way to work.

That said, the three times I've been hit have all been on much less busy residential streets. This four lane thoroughfare with average speeds of 45 mph was already one of the safer sections of my ride, statistically. Though the consequences of getting hit here would have been much more serious.