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Will destroy ya

I have… let’s say, acquaintances, who, when not on their meds, are certifiably insane. Committable. Seriously. I question my, and others’ safety when they’re off the meds. I would not be surprised if I read headlines.

These folks are certain that satellites are watching them (if not actively shooting energy beams and thought control rays at them from the sky, ala the MLB satellite on the Simpsons), that their every abode and means of transport are bugged and broken into regularly in black bag jobs, that they are out to get them, that 9/11 was an inside job, that Planet X is real and there is a conspiracy to keep knowledge of it to the cabal, that aliens or Hapsburgs are implanting devices under their skin at night. Etc., etc.

Thing is, every day some new detail is leaked that proves them right about something. Not everything. But some specific detail.

It’s not just that they were paranoid, it’s that they were not paranoid enough. So now they’ve got me wondering about the other crazy stuff they believe…