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Op-sec and blowback, aka good fences make for good neighbors

Given the recent past of US security chiefs committing perjury, and failing to understand operational security, it's not hard to believe that they might also have no concept of diplomacy and blowback.

What could possibly go wrong?!?

Well, so far, nothing. No events of consequence yet. Except the now inevitable, slow-moving, but inexorable process towards a closed and non-interoperable web. The network will now begin to look like China. Each country will have its own firewall, its own backbones, and the world will slowly move off into true walled gardens, little AOLs and Compuserves. Though that process was beginning in other ways, with all the information on the social networks being walled off from the rest of the network.

Maybe it was never really that open and free. But the illusion created a trillion dollar industry from scratch. What will the inevitable blowback from the upcoming fence-building create? Aside from more jobs at the NSA.