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I give it six months

Back in the 90s, a Yosemite Park ranger claimed he was shot by someone he stopped acting suspiciously. Turns out, he shot himself and made up a story about a deranged gunman to cover it up. A manhunt ensued, the usual (innocent) suspects rounded up, and about six months later, park rangers everywhere had gone from helpful conservationists and guide to armed and obnoxious LEOs. They used the incident to ask for guns, got them, and even though it was bogus, never looked back. And now you can get tooled by an armed ranger anywhere in the ditch.

It’s no coincidence that that’s when the Center of The Universe was shut down.

I give it six months before the TSA goons are armed. Even though they have no police training, are basically minimum wage slaves, untrained, and wear uniforms. They’ll be up before Congress saying that the LAX incident proves they need guns. Then next time you’re going through the useless billion dollar porno-scanners, it’ll be an untrained minimum wage slave with a gun that you’re dealing with.

I predict more citizens shot waiting in TSA lines in the near future. And of course, every shooting will be justified. As every shooting is now. No matter how many of the shots are in your back.

In other news, the NYC marathon went off without a hitch, due to high levels of security. Don’t expect that to go away anytime soon. Even though the next attack won’t be at any such highly guarded target.