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And you kids get off my lawn

I get an insane number of emails, texts, and phone calls every day. Toss in notifications from calendars, applications, WWF, etc., and the desktop, laptop, tablet, and both phones would be ringing constantly and simultaneously if I let them. I got tired of that on about day two of the iPhone 3G.

And I'm an anti-social loser. Imagine if I had family or friend. Or if the dogs could text.

Yet here in cubicle land, there are still a few people who either can't figure out how to silence the notifications on more than one of their devices. Even in meetings. It doesn't take more than a few before the beeping is constant. Heck, they probably like it. But it's insane-making.

Turn your notifications to silent. It's rude. And get a set of headphones.

[ObJoeBob] I'm surprised I have to explain this to you.

Yeah, someone around here (or more than one) has their phone set to stun for every email they get. It got old for me on day one. I guess they'll never get tired of that noise.