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Blu-ray is dead

to me anyway. I just got 45 minutes into a movie, paused it while I did something else for a bit, then came back and hit start. And it did.

At the beginning. With the unskippable FBI warning not to pirate. Which obviously I did not, as if I had, I’d not be watching the FBI warning. Because pirated versions of this movie don’t include this. It’s user punishment for honest people. Then the seven previews, four of which are for movies I’ve already seen, and the other three I don’t want to. These are unskippable also.

So after hitting FF and skip three times, while trying to fast forward back to where I was, and getting the “that operation is not supported during this section of the video”, I gave up and quit. That movie is ruined for me. I guess I just wasn’t that into watching Richard Gere kill his lover and get away with financial misdeeds. Rich people problems.

Blu-ray is largely ruined for me. From now on, I’m either streaming or finding alternative methods to watch movies I’m interested in. Buying the disks doesn’t seem to be an option, because I’m not signing up for more punishment.

If you punish your customers enough, if you make the honest people jump through hoops to use your product, how good is your business model? I guess the court-enforced monopoly thing works for a while. Til it doesn’t. But then it really doesn’t.