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The real reason behind the increasing pressure for laws mandating cell phone kill switches? It's not stemming a wave of crime. The real thing it's killing is burners. If you have to have the ability to shut down a phone remotely, then you have to be able to identify who can shut it down. So no more anonymity will be possible on cell phones.

That's why prosecutors and LEOs are behind it. Not because they give a shit about your stolen phone. Try turning in a police report about that, and you'll get laughed out of the station. I've been rear-ended, witnessed hit-and-runs, been the victim of a bike/car hit-and-run, and reported break-ins, with zero police response – they couldn't even be bothered to show up. You think they care about your iPhone? They do care that you might be able to communicate anonymously. These laws will be the end of that.