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Still doomed

Nurse who attended ebola patient gets on a commercial flight with a fever. CDC tells her it's okay. The hospital she worked for fails at even basic PPE measures, as does the county health department, who send unprotected LEOs and others to quarantined apartment. MSF doctor returning from attending ebola patients takes NYC subway and goes bowling. MIT CS graduate sends username and password in email.

These are the smart people. We are basically jumped-up savannah primates, instinct tops intelligence every time, and our brain makes up stories to justify the stupid things our bodies do after the fact.

The way evolution works is to make things just good enough to be better than the rest (it should be called survival-of-the-just-a-little-bit-fitter), but absolutely no more, because 2nd law of thermodynamics. It takes energy. So we are just exactly as smart as we need to be, and not even a little bit more.

Yep, still doomed.