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Of what use?

If they’re to be believed (which they’re not), the NSA knew about the Sony hacks before they occurred.

So why not a word to the wise? I understand sources. Methods. But if you’re willing to go to cyberwar over something like this, maybe your intelligence services should try to prevent cyber attacks.

In either case, again, the NSA proves its uselessness. It either didn’t know and is just lying, or it did and is utterly useless.

Same logic as the Paris attacks. Are they more incompetent for knowing and being ineffectual, or just being ineffectual?

It’s not cost-free. This all comes at the cost of the Constitution. And anything the NSA can do now, China will be able to do next year, and your friendly Russian hackers about six months after that.

Oh, by the way, the DEA has been illegally listening in to every international phone call from 1998-2013. And passed this information on to everyone else (see “parallel construction”). So even if the NSA didn’t have a rubber stamp from the FISA court, they could just ask their buddies at the DEA to give them the information. Supposedly it’s stopped. Pull the other one.

Of course no one will ever be held accountable or go to jail. And in terms the DEA being just as useless as the NSA, there’s always this.

And it’s MLK day. We have holiday for the man that the FBI illegally spied upon and tried to get to commit suicide. If you think similar things are not happening right now, you’re not paying attention.