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that even if you have a Ph.D or call yourself a “system administrator” in your email sig, you can still be stupid enough to reply-all to an all-hands email without a suppressed recipient list [1]. And then have 15 other people reply-all asking to “be taken of this list”, “”stop replying-all”, and “I think you meant someone else”. And the best, “Why are you replying-all” with a reply-all.

Seriously, these people are literally rocket scientists. I frankly think it is only because of the painstaking procedures that we can get anything launched. I wonder if this happens at SpaceX.

[1] yes, it’s the fault of the person who sent out the email, ironically titled “Sent by mistake, ignore this email”. But one can’t expect someone with the title of administrative assistant to understand how email works, can one. Well, I guess maybe.