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Wasted, two

Now the Russkis are bombing the so-called moderate Syrian rebels [1], or as the WSJ likes to call them, “relatively moderate rebel factions like al-Qaeda“.

Not the first to note this, but by declaring ISIS [2] the new enemy, and Assad the new Hitler, we’ve kickstarted Cold War V2.1 [3], except that Al Qaeda has taken over the role formerly played by pre-Apartheid S. Africa – odious but necessary. But more with the odious. Sad to say that it’s possible.


[1] As opposed to the US-trained moderate Syrian rebels who gave all their vehicles and weapons to Al Qaeda and ran away. Wait. I guess Al Qaeda was US trained and armed too. It gets harder and harder to make distinctions between mortal enemies and firm allies. But never Saudi Arabia, where 15 of the 19 came from.

[2] Not the fun ISIS. Which, by the way, has been going downhill since S03 ended.

[3] 2.0 was breaking the Budapest Memorandum with the Ukraine/Crimea that Clinton signed with Yeltsin and Major in turn for them giving up the nukes that the former USSR had abandoned there. I guess that ploy won’t work twice. Probably doesn’t help with negotiating with North Korea. Or Pakistan. Or Iran. But that was 1994, so the statute of limitations has probably expired on that. And Clinton wasn’t a real president anyway.