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Annoying Apple

  • Daily software update reminders. Both iOS and OS X.
    • OS X: I like iPhoto and Aperture and I don’t want to update and lose them.
    • iOS: I am often traveling and I’m not going to update the software with any chance of bricking my phone and/or iPad until I get home.
  • Just. Not. Gonna. Happen. Leave me alone. Every goddamn day. Sometimes multiple times per day.
  • Notifications popping up while navigating and demanding to be dismissed. Software update and WiFi, I’m looking at you. No, I don’t want to enter the non-existent password to the ATTWifi network that I’ve never connected to while I’m driving, or have to dismiss it while I’m trying to figure out how to follow the direction to turn that came five seconds too late.
  • iPhone iTunes continually prompting me to join Apple Music. No, I just want to play the damn music I bought or stole off of Napster. Every goddamn time.
  • Every time I connect to my car stereo, iOS Music forgets where I was (well, sometimes it strategically defaults back to Apple Music, see above), and defaults to the alphabetically first song, sets itself to repeat, and takes itself off shuffle. What’s wrong with remembering the last song I played in the playlist I was in before I got out of the car, and that the playlist was in shuffle mode?
  • And oh yeah, when the BMW I was driving kept losing the Bluetooth (apparently), when Maps came back up, it says “Continue straight”. About four hundred times. Eventually I disconnected Bluetooth and just plugged it in with a wire.
  • Everytime I plug my phone into the stereo, it tried to fire up Pandora, even though I’ve deleted Pandora. Why can’t it default to playing the 120GB of music that’s already on the phone? This might not be Apple’s fault…
  • Why can’t I delete iOS apps? Yeah, I’m done with it. I want it off my computer. Some of these are gigabytes. Also I don’t want the work apps auto-downloading to my personal iOS devices, as they tend to do regularly, even though I’ve deleted them multiple times from both the device and iTunes.
  • Email fencing. If I’m sending from, default to, instead of And vice versa. Chances are, if I’m in the work account, I don’t want to send it to my colleagues personal email.
  • Stop opening Safari windows I have closed when I click a link in another program. OS X always defaults to one window being prime, and if something is opened from another program, it opens that window whether it’s hidden or not.
  • Does no one at Apple have calloused fingers? My moderately rough climbing fingers keep getting interpreted as a pinch-zoom. And Apple-0 does not return the window to actual size.