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Onion. On belt. On fleek.

I was at this place. Never mind where. Someplace where I might be, but is unfortunately lots more hip than it would have been when I had any chance of being hip. Timing is everything. Lots of tattoos, interesting hair, clothes, hats. Listening to this fellow, 24 by his own account, talking to someone who claimed to be a project manager for a government organization. He wanted to show someone his deck before he posted it to StackExchange for comment. UX/UI, agile scrum sort of stuff. He wanted to make sure his design was suitable for the olds, you know, 45 or 55, his mom. And grandmom. Who couldn’t be bothered to drill down more than a link or two before they got lost.

I wanted to pull out my phone and point him at my original HEP CERN webpage (still up!) and the correspondence from (not to drop names) a certain knight discussing same and tell him that some of us olds had been doing UX/UI/agile/scrum since before he was born, and long before it was called that, as a sideline to, you know, actually building things that discovered the Higgs, or gravitational waves, or finding earth-like planets, and not just trying to learn Python or CSS or Swift while trying to find a unicorn startup or a quant job at an HFT firm.

Then I took my blood pressure meds from the onion on my belt when my Pulsar digital watch beeped, as that was the style at the time, and wondered if my head would end up in a jar next to Mike D (one hopes) or Nixon (hell), and kept my silence as they prattled on for the next 20 minutes. For that is the worst sin – to be boring.

At least put my jar next to Mimi Rogers.