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Steve Jobs would never let this happen Part II

While some decisions make some sort of sense, these are a bit crazy-making:

  • The power brick doesn’t come with the Appropriate Cable to charge the device.
  • Despite all the posturing about USB-C being the all-singing, all-dancing wave of the future get-on-the-train-now (cough firewire thunderbolt cough), the Appropriate Cable isn’t really USB-C and can’t be used as one in a pinch, even though it looks like one and takes up a USB-C port.
  • The retractable ears that you used to use to wrap the Appropriate Cable around the power brick are gone. Because the Appropriate Cable is a separate SKU and why would you want to keep the two together? Especially since you can’t use the AC for anything else useful.
  • The power cord that let the power brick connect to something Far Away, or to the overloaded power strip with the outlets too close or inappropriately oriented – is now a separate purchase. Like the Appropriate Cable.
  • Also like the USB-C/Lightning cable you need for your phone.

Yeah, I’m thinking SJ would not have let these things happen.

How do they still even get the now-three-year-old parts for the Mac Pro, assuming anyone was stupid enough to buy one at this point? Three years is forever in computer land.