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Bliss + letdown = constant

Climbing makes me happy. Being a position where I have to rely on others to belay me and thus dependent on their flakiness makes me unhappy.

I propose, that like the amount of sunlight that any given spot on the earth receives in a year [1], this relationship is bounded on the lower end by a fixed constant. This lower end can be stated as the insolation – the better climber you are, the less likely it is that your belayer will bail on you. This is an equatorial relationship. While the Arctic and the Equator might get the same number of hours of daylight, the Equator gets much more insolation.

[1] The Arctic and the Equator both get the same number of hours of sun – it’s just that it’s 12 hours a day on the equator, and 6 months per day at the pole. They don’t however get the same amount of insolation.