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The map is not the territory

I want smarter maps. Maps that work like I use them. Surely these use cases must be true for techbros too, even if they are taking the Apple bus [1].

  • Directions only if there’s traffic: I know where I’m going. I don’t need directions. Just tell me if I should change my route because of traffic. Otherwise, shut up!
  • Directions at end: I’m leaving from home/work/etc. I know where I am. Only give me directions when I get close to my destination. I know how to get to the freeway, and which exit to take. And traffic. Shut up otherwise.
  • Directions at beginning: I’m headed home. I just need to know how to get to the freeway. And if traffic should alter that plan. Shut up otherwise.
  • Categorically rule out an option: Every entrance to the 405 (5/110/whatever) is closed for construction/streetfair/ciclavia. Stop trying to route me to the next exit/entrance ramp. It’s not gonna work.

The first three are easy, I think. Almost automatic, I should think. Siri has my home address, and the list of places I’ve been. It shouldn’t be too difficult for her to figure out that I know how to get to the 110 and should be left alone unless I shouldn’t be taking the 110 at all.

The last one is more difficult, but “Find a route that doesn’t take the 405 as all the ramps are closed” shouldn’t be that hard. Jesus I’ve even resorted to pulling out the Thomas Guide one night at 2 AM trying to figure out how to get out of Westwood after a late night and both Apple and Google only giving me entrance after closed entrance to the closed 405 to get home.


[1] Maybe G**gl* or W*z* has these now. I’m not willing to divulge my location at all times for advertising purposes in order to find out.