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Another example of BWare’s Law of Security Breaches: Whatever the first number they tell you is, it’s wrong, and it’s not going in the good direction1.

I think this is a contra to Hanlon’s Razor: never assume malice when stupidity will suffice. Surely these folks lowball it every time. They don’t want the big number in the headline. On the other hand, having to go back and release a bigger number just keeps them in the headlines 2 longer. I assume their media advisors are smarter than me though.


  1. I also notice Gruber has picked up on this tendency, but a year after I first proposed my law. I am pretty sure that about one person reads my blog and Gruber isn’t it. Anyway, I have the edit history to prove priority :)
  2. Even though headlines aren’t a thing anymore. Timeline? Newsfeed?