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Things that are better part II

Adding to list:

  • Airpods. Didn’t think it would work. BT is a POS. But they Just Work. I carry them, and use them, everywhere. No more tangled cords.1
  • Wireless charging. Wasteful. Unnecessary. But just dropping the phone on a flat surface is pretty nice.
  • GPS watches. Instant on is great, compared to the old Forerunner 305 taking five minutes and yoga and an open spot to catch lock.2
  • Hydration drinks. Nuun, Skratch, etc. are all better than Gatorade. I’m not sure if I need it, but I like it.


  1. Except with my beloved iPod Shuffle(s).
  2. OTOH, with it came the Garmin social, which is crap and annoying. Why can’t I just have an app that keeps the data on my phone and computer? Of course this will get hacked and Garmin will apologize for having shitty security practices, but no one cares about their site anyway, anyone who does is using Strava. So it really is just a blatant data grab to sell our personal information to advertisers. I wish the Apple Watch didn’t still have the crappy acquisition time of the old 305.