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When they first came out, I thought daytime running lights were stupid. Either turn them on or turn them off. People should be capable of judgement.

But they aren’t. Americans anyways [1]. Dawn, cloudy, marine layer, drizzle, and every damn car on the road these days is gray, white, or black [2], and they all either 1) don’t turn their lights on so their gray car is invisible in the pre-dawn gray light, or 2) have their brights on and try to blind you so you can’t see the gray car with their lights off right behind them.


[1] Don’t get me started on how Americans just can’t park, even with every new car coming with sensors and cameras. It ought to be easy to park so as to not take up two spaces, but Americans are fundamentally just assholes (see “rolling coal“). “Eh, I’ll just park 9 feet back from the end of the curb, and 8 feet in front of the car behind me. Who cares that that’s an extra spot that no one else can use.” Fuck them. But that’s just an inconvenience – driving invisible is fucking dangerous.

[2] And why can’t I get a damn red car or truck anymore? I can’t even get green. Every time I configure the car I want, it’s gray. Or orange. And I’m not a douche-bro, so orange is right out.