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I made sure that the American flag I bought was made in China [0].

Because I’d rather give money to (maybe) Chinese communists [1], than for-real no-kidding American nazis [2].


[0] to go next to the Black Lives Matter flag
[1] But probably just better capitalists than us
[2] A perhaps not-surprisingly large number of US flag makers also make [3] Drumpf, and Gadsen, and Treasonous-Slave-Owner, and Thin Blue Line flags. Not a lot of Biden or Obama or BLM flags to be seen on their Amazon Storefront. Anything you want as long as it’s kinda, or a lot, racist, or white supremacist.
[3] Well, manufacture. The people who actually make it are illegal immigrants, who these folks want to put up a fence to keep out except for the ones who keep their businesses running, mow their lawns, bring up their kids, clean their houses, and pick their fruit.