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Obama went to her when she was 77, and made the proposition that she should retire, and let him appoint someone younger in her place, because who knows what the future holds, and 77 years old and 20 years on the court is long enough. She replied “Who would you rather have on the court than me?” and refused. Well the answer is of course, some one 30 years younger.

Because now that’s what we get. Someone 30 years younger. Several someones.

Ditto Breyer, who was approached with the offer of an ambassadorship to France.

This is why Dems can’t accomplish anything.

Fuck RBG, and her selfish choices that no one else gets to make (most of us will not still be working when we are 77), and fuck Breyer too.

And also fuck Gore, for giving up, because that led to 1.2 million deaths (Iraq, Afghanistan, and COVID), and H. Clinton for running a crappy campaign, and shares part of that responsibility.