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Unable to eject

After 20 years of OS X aka MacOS, I still can’t eject an external disk when I want to. Nope, “unable to eject because the disk is still in use”. What if I needed to catch a plane? Leave the house? Go somewhere? Nope, that isn’t up to you, if you made the mistake of connecting to an external disk and then wanted to eject it. mds is gonna index it, and it’s not up to you. It can’t be put off till later; it can’t be reasoned with, and it doesn’t feel emotions. It’s like a T800 for not actually having a laptop. If it was really a laptop you’d be able to pick it up and go, but it’s not. And fuck you for thinking that your desires to go someplace with the laptop you paid $2500 for outweigh the needs of mds to Index This Disk Right The Fuck Now, and Not Later.

20 years later, and still the only solution is to power down. So I guess it doesn’t have to Index The Disk Right Fucking Now, and could pick it up later. Nope, it just has to punish you for thinking that you have a laptop and would get to just close the laptop firmly and strut away like they do all the time in Ted Lasso, then open it and return to the same state. Not without rebooting like some prehistoric Win7 machine.