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Mode of transport does not matter


It’s one thing when a car tries to pass on a blind curve while you’ve going the speed limit on a 5% downhill grade and almost head-ons into the oncoming traffic just to get around you before a stop sign in 200 m. [1]

After decades on the planet, and especially the last four years, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised when people on bikes are assholes to other people on bikes… but I was.

And I suppose I’ll be a bit less surprised next time.


[1] This guy had a Larry Elder sign in front of his house for about 4 days before the election, and no days after. I guess that’s not something you’d want to be proud of. It fits right in with someone who’s willing to have a head-on collision because he can’t wait a few seconds (literally maybe five – I was going 29 mph and have the GPS to prove it) to get to the next stop sign. He didn’t stop at that stop sign, or the one before. So I don’t ever want to hear any shit about bikes not following the rules of the road. When the two-ton murder machines start following the rules of the road, or even begin to understand the concept of “right-of-way”, then I’ll stop doing Idaho stops, which ought to be legal.