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Lest you think I’m a total Apple fanboi

This is iOS 15 Safari dark mode. White text on white background. Does no one at Apple even use their own hardware/software? [1]

Let’s zoom in:

Yeah, no. Not even light gray on white. White on white.


File under the same heading as:

  • Innumerable screenshots of my lock screen because the buttons to do that are so stupid
  • Siri being completely useless
  • The complete inability to delete or rearrange podcasts
  • iTunes Music automagically and inalterably rating every song on an album five stars if any are, thus screwing up any kind of star-rating smart playlist sorting.
  • iTunes Music automagically and helpfully removing all the album artwork carefully curated over the many years, and a complete inability to find a replacement on iTunes Music even if the album is there [2]
  • MacOS Mail deciding it needs to redownload over 2 million messages from 20 years of work, with attachments, over and over and over, killing the battery and using 2 CPUs full time [3]
  • The complete inability to ever dismount a disk once attached without rebooting the machine [4]
  • Oh yeah, here’s a new one that’s bitten me twice in the last couple of weeks. When installing a mandatory (zero-day) security update, Apple decided I wasn’t really serious about all but three of the Safari pages I had open, and just threw them away, along with all the tabs on them. Now, yeah, I might have been a bit excessive and had maybe 300 tabs open (maybe more), but if that doesn’t bother me, it shouldn’t bother the ghost of Steve Jobs. Apple Bookmarks are a PITA, and impossible to search through, so saving things as bookmarks is like writing the line on a piece of paper, putting it in a bottle, and throwing it off the Santa Monica Pier. Useless, dangerous, environmentally unsound, and equally likely of finding it again. This happened on both my work and home machines within a week of each other. [5]


[1] Eat your own dogfood, as the kids say? Or not kids since that saying has got to be going on 40 now
[2] And you think I’m ever going to let iTunes Apple Music ever in a million years have read/write access aka Match aka Sync Library to my terabyte of music? Hahahahahaha. Some of that stuff is irreplaceable and not on any streaming library
[3] One for Mail, one for mds
[4] Because fuck you, that’s why
[5] Helpfully Safari left all the now empty Safari windows open, in different Spaces than they originally were, so Apple-tilde does nothing for Safari until you find them all and kill them with fire

There used to be all these Safari extensions that saved the state and resurrected it because Apple would regularly lose everything because you restarted, crashed, or failed to buy anything from iTunes for a month. I let them all go because they were also unreliable in unpredictable ways, and it seemed like Apple had fixed this finally. For about a year. I wonder if they are still around since they were sherlocked.