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Perhaps there will be a modem sound when I dial the phone

Why is it that in the year of our Covid March 723, 2020, that I still have to peel off that impossible stupid fucking sticker to open the CD that I paid for and didn’t download off Pirate Bay? The adhesive of which will still be sticky in March 1420, 2020.

Why do I still have to watch the unskippable FBI warning on a Blu Ray that I legally purchased, and not any of the ones on bittorrent?

Somehow I don’t think the pirates are as annoyed by their illegal goods as I am by my legal ones. I suppose I should ask when inconveniencing your legal customers became better than not, but then I’ve been paying Ticketmaster service fees most of my life.

Yes, I still buy physical media [1] because I like to a) support artists, and b), have backups that I own [2]. But a) just seems like it’s going into some VPs or VCs pocket.


[1] I also buy ephemeral media, for convenience, or when there are no other options. Looking at you Columbia. Why can’t I buy the BR 4k UHD version of Lawrence of Arabia except at part of limited edition out-of-print six BR package that includes Jerry Maguire, for gods sake.

[2] Still can’t get a copy of Strange Days streaming or hardcopy anywhere. And the Gunbunnies are largely absent from any streaming service anywhere.