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Conservation of noise

Now that half the cars are going to kill me because I can’t hear them [1], the other half have gotten even noisier [2]. We’ve gone from a gaussian distribution to bi-modal, and it’s not good. As though the leaf blowers got quieter by setting off small dynamite explosions. In between, it’s really quiet. Then a Camaro, Challenger, Mustang, or out-of-compliance fartcan, rips down the residential street at 60 mph (not exaggerating), and it’s like a bomb went off.

Conservation laws imply symmetry; I’m failing to see what’s symmetry is being expressed by this.

On the upside, the loud-ass paper delivery people driving their old badly-maintained cars around, delivering papers to old people, have largely disappeared.

[1] And they can’t hear anything, because all new cars are way too soundproof.
[2] Also going to kill me, but with malice, instead of distraction.