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Backup camera

As far as I can tell, all that the now-mandatory backup cameras do is allow people to zip out of their driveways in reverse at high speed without ever looking up to see if anyone is walking down the sidewalk.

So now it’s your fault, as a pedestrian, if you happen to not see or hear [1] that there’s a car about to back out of its shrub-hidden and over-grown-hedge-blocked and city-code-violating driveway. Because the driver sure as shit ain’t looking at anything but the screen [2]. Which isn’t going to tell them about anything that’s not directly behind them. The cameras are only good for keeping cars from running into stationary objects.

So once again, capitalism protects property at the expense of human lives.


[1] or child, or dog, or differently-abled, and also that half the cars are completely silent [3]
[2] also true when they’re driving. If not that screen, then the other
[3] to be clear, it’s always your fault, and never the driver’s