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“Adventure” pass tossed out

The hated “Adventure” Pass has been largely overruled. I don’t have my stack of tickets anymore, though at one point I got one with the number 100 circled in red on it, my 100th citation, I suppose. And I can’t count the number of times I argued with a ranger about these, and had them tell me about all the good the money was doing. Yet Williamson is still closed. And I know of someone who got tooled and cuffed because of the “Adventure” pass, even though he was on private land at the time. Just another excuse for LEO to tool you.

The last few times I checked the USFS budget, the fees just about paid the additional costs of paying people to hand out tickets.

So, fuck you, lying, duplicitous USFS. About damn time.

Thank you, 9th Circuit, best of all federal courts.