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I used to be, at worst, neutral towards cats, and there were a few that I liked. Mostly I’m just allergic, so it wasn’t worth it to like cats. But then I moved into my own house, and the cats have:

  • ruined the paint on the roof of my truck, by using it as a launch pad to the roof and as a scratching post.  $1500.  Not covered by insurance.
  • tore holes in a car cover, using it as scratching post.  $400.
  • ruined the upholstery on my porch furniture by sleeping on it (allergic, remember?), and using it as a scratching post.  $100.

So I’m out $2000 and I don’t even have a cat.

So coyotes, come and get them.  I have no qualms whatsoever about bad things happening to the local cats.  And if that’s your cat…