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Nothing like climbing in the sun for a couple of days after busting my ass for weeks. 50 degree weather, a little breeze – perfect to climb in the sun, lizard-mode instead of vampire-mode like we usually do. At one of the best crags in CA, and no one around but us. Dogs get to run around off-leash, lake below us, no bozos in the parking lot, frost on the sleeping bag.

OK, I didn’t send the proj and I might have gotten a little toe-PO. The light for pix was not good enough to bother — meaning it was too darn nice! No clouds, so no sunsets. Bad weather makes for good pix. But it’s all good. I didn’t die on the way home.

There’s a lot to be said for living in CA. Watch the weather, watch the ski reports. If it’s sunny and warm, head out for climbing. If it’s cold and stormy, go ski freshies. If you can’t get away for enough time for the two-to-five hour drive to (choose your favorite place), then the local places are less than an hour away.

Some people might go to the beach. You could do that too, I guess.